EGYPT is the official name in English; in Arabic is MISR means a “country” or a “state” , the name via Latin word “AEGYPTUS” derived from the ancient .

Greek word “AIGUTOS” which derived from the ancient Egyptian Phrase “HUT KA PTAH” ,The temple’s name of god PTAH in Memphis , the genius location and its Geographical elements the richness of the Nile river flood and the semi isolation the desert to the east & the west ,all this allowed for the development of one of the greatest everlasting civilization in the modern and ancient world.

The unification of upper & Lower Egypt arose 3200 B.C under king Mina, followed by a series of dynasties is the 30th. Fell to the Persians in 341 B.C . Later Egypt fell to many, the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines & Persians’ again.

In the 7th. Century the Arab Muslims introduced the Arabic language and Islam, changing Egypt to an Arab nation, the Muslim Arabs controlled Egypt by the nomination by the Islamic Caliphate for 6 centuries ;a local military caste ,they ruled for around 1250 years continued after the conquest of Egypt by the othmanTurks in 1517 was followed by the completion of the Suez canal in 1869 that makes Egypt a very vital passage and important huls,Egypt fell in the debts . Britain seized this chance to govern Egypt since 1882 and the Othman empire continued till 1914.

Egypt’s liberal experiment is personified partially in 1922fromthe UK it was fell sovereignty following WW II between 1924& 1936 a short lived attempt to model Egypt’s constitutional government after the European model.

In 1952 the white revolution was supported by military coup and forced king Farouk I to leave ruling Egypt and a constitutional monarch to abdicate in support of king’s son Ahmed Fouad II ;and finally ;Egypt was declared to be a republic , on 1953 Jane with the president Mohamed Naguib the first president of the republic .Naguib was later has resigned in 1954.

Nasser the real architect of 1952 revolution, assumed power as a president that later nationalized the canal ,leading the war of 1956 and formed a union with Syria known as the U.A.R [ United Arab Republic.