Dear Valued Guests,

Hamdy Yehia Hamdy

On behalf of myself and Onnety tours specialists, allow me to welcome you to Egypt, one of the world’s most exotic and

fascinating destinations. For over twenty years, our agency has strived to set the standard for guiding tourists through the maze of splendid antiquities and monuments that date back thousand of years and have earned Egypt the reputation of being the largest outdoor museum in the world. Egypt has it all ancient Pyramids and Pharonic temples, some of the best preserved Greco-Roman architecture in the world, the oldest churches and monasteries and a wide array of of Islamic, Turkish and European architecture.

We also boast some of the best indoor museums in the world and a vibrant cultural scene. There are many other reasons why Egypt has become one of the most popular destinations in the world why our tourist industry that has grown 700 percent since the 1980s. It’s not just the land of the Pyramids anymore.

Egypt is much more than a museum of ancient sculpture and edifices. In fact, most of the 12 million tourists who visited last year’s came to lounge around our superb virgin beach resorts and enjoy the hospitality of our luxury resort hotels. It’s no longer a secret that our dynamic tourist industry has transformed the Red Sea coastline into Europe’s Caribbean. Most of our repeat visitors come to experience and re-experience the five star accommodations and seven star hospitality and to scuba dive on our coral reefs.

The Egyptian tourist industry has really blossomed over the last two decades, Onnety Tours was part of the reason it has grown to be the largest economic sector in the country. We value our reputation as a premium boutique travel agency and we get that reputation from one source our clients. Every member of our staff takes pride in providing services that are second to none to each and every guest.

Lastly; I’m very glad of your touring our web, and I hope it meets your expectations; Also I feel the sense of your admiration of being a visitor to Egypt, anticipating us the time you specify to feel, taste and touch this civilization, and enjoy every moment of your existence in this land.
Welcome to Egypt and Welcome to Onnety Tours Travel

Warm Regards,
Hamdy Yehia Hamdy
Chairman, Onnety Tours Egypt