Onnety tours helps you get acquainted with some very commonly used Arabic phrases so that it becomes easier for the tourists to communicate with the locals. These common Arabic phrases will help you to reach across to the non-English speaking locals. Use of essential Arabic phrases in your conversation will also establish a friendlier bond with the people who will be impressed with your efforts.

The essential Arabic phrases that can be used in your day-to-day conversation are:

Ahlan wa Sahlan (Welcome) .
Ana / Enta (Me / You) .
Ana Baheb Masr (I Love Egypt) .
Bokra (Tomorrow) .
F’los (Money) .
Helw (Beautiful) .
Inshalla (If God Wills) .
Kahwa (Coffee) .
Kolo Tamam (All OK) .
Laban (Milk).
Ma`a el Salama (Good Bye).